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Vegan diet

Everything for your plant-based diet

Vegan food supplements

Are you looking for vegan supplements with a high potency formula? Then Fairnatural is the right place for you! All our products are made from 100% organic ingredients and are natural food supplements without additives. This supports your healthy lifestyle in an optimal way. Due to the high-quality composition of the ingredients, Fairnatural's vegan food supplements stand out from other competitors on the market. In addition, our vegan food supplements are characterised by very good nutritional values. The products have an ideal amino acid profile, which can promote your protein intake and thus your muscle build-up in the best possible way.

Who is Fairnatural`s vegan protein powder suitable for?

As a high-quality vegan food supplement, the protein powder from Fairnatural is not only convincing for vegans, but is also generally suitable for all people who would like to consume more protein. Because the vegan protein not only supports strength athletes in building muscle. In addition to athletes and vegans, all people who have an intolerance to dairy products or suffer from lactose intolerance can also use this vegan food supplement. In addition, Fairnatural's vegan food supplement in protein form is also suitable for people who are in the process of changing their diet to veganism and want to avoid a protein deficiency. However, it should be mentioned that this protein deficiency of vegans is actually a myth.

Healthy protein recipes with our vegan supplements

We want to be not only a successful supplier and German nutritional supplement manufacturer you can trust, but also your always competent advisor in the field of vegan nutritional supplements and healthy nutrition. A big part of this is our ever-growing blog, where we share many recipes using our vegan supplements. Here you will find healthy and protein-rich recipes on every topic and for every taste. Under the category "Recipes" you will find step-by-step descriptions of how you can best integrate Fairnatural's vegan food supplements into your breakfast or into a protein-rich dessert, because in addition to preparation as a protein shake after training, Fairnatural's vegan protein powder can also be prepared very well in pancakes, in porridge or quark. Of course, we always keep an eye on your healthy, nutrient-rich diet in our recipes. Our fitness recipes therefore help you with a change of diet of any kind and offer an ideal source of inspiration for your diet. Our vegan protein powder in particular has a creamy consistency, a delicious taste and optimal solubility. You can choose between four different flavours, because the vegan protein by Fairnatural is available in vanilla and chocolate as well as in a fruity mango flavour. You can also opt for the vegan protein powder Neutral, which is also versatile in savoury cuisine. All varieties of vegan protein are also ideal for baking and should therefore not be missing from any kitchen. If you bake or cook recipes from our recipe magazine, such as the vegan protein pancakes or our vegan banana bread, with our products, please post a picture of your creation on Instagram and link us to We are happy about every "Fairnatural cook" who has tested our vegan food supplements and will gladly repost you on our channel. Have fun cooking and baking - we're looking forward to your posts!

Vegan Protein Powder & Vegan Protein Bars

In our range of vegan food supplements, our collection of vegan protein powder and protein bars is particularly convincing. Consisting of a 3K protein combination with organic pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein in an optimal mixing ratio, our organic protein powder Vegan is the perfect companion for your nutritional supplementation with a vegan diet. Especially as a vegan, nutritional supplementation is an important topic, as a vegan diet in particular should ensure a sufficient protein intake. But this is no problem with our vegan food supplements! In addition, the protein powders and bars are not only characterised by their high protein content, but also represent a particularly high-quality organic food supplement because they contain no soy, sugar or sweeteners. Due to the low amount of carbohydrates and the natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, our vegan food supplements are also very suitable for athletes on a diet or generally for people with nutritional awareness. Why do our vegan food supplements not contain soy? Soy products such as tofu or tempeh are often already integrated into the vegan diet as protein-rich meat alternatives. To make the diet versatile and balanced, our vegan food supplements are without soy.

Myth of the protein deficiency of vegans

A good protein supply is very important for your body and for your health. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a protein amount of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults. Contrary to the myth, this amount of protein can be easily covered with a varied vegan diet. Products with a high protein content include, for example, tofu, tempeh, legumes and whole grains. To achieve maximum athletic performance, a higher protein content than recommended by the DGE is needed. Here it is a good idea to supplement your diet with vegan protein powder. Vegan protein powder not only supports muscle building, but also has the advantage that vegan protein sources do not contain cholesterol. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Convince yourself of our vegan food supplements!

Why should you buy Fairnatural's vegan food supplements? Our products stand for organic quality and are exclusively produced in our own energy self-sufficient production in Germany. The vegan food supplements help you to achieve your individual goals - be it a healthy lifestyle, muscle building or fat loss. So there's really nothing standing in the way of using our vegan supplement collection to support your healthy, vegan everyday life! So let us convince you of Fairnatural`s vegan supplements and become part of our sustainable vision - Become part of the #Fairnaturalfamily!

Build muscle with our vegan supplements

In fitness, everyone has their own individual goals - we make sure that you can reach your own goal with our vegan supplements! We want to equip you with the right vegan supplements to support you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Especially by building muscles, you can improve your body shape and your general well-being. It doesn't always have to be about pure muscle mass per se. Muscles consume a lot of energy and increase your body's overall metabolic rate. Ultimately, this makes them the ideal means of combating obesity. In addition, well-developed muscles support your posture and relieve the strain on your joints. But how do you promote muscle growth with the help of vegan food supplements? We help you find the ideal balance for your diet with Fairnatural's vegan protein powders and protein bars. By offering products like our delicious vegan protein powder chocolate or our vegan protein powder vanilla, we are your ideal companion for your fair change and workout plan, no matter which way you choose to go. 

Lose weight with vegan food supplements

Protein plays an important role in the goal of body fat reduction. When your body is supplied with high-quality protein, you have a longer-lasting feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, adequate protein intake can help prevent cravings. This protein intake can be more easily achieved by supplementing with protein powder. Your diet can therefore be much easier with protein powder. Vegan protein powders for dietary supplementation offer the advantage that, unlike whey protein, they are perfectly suitable for most people. The vegan protein powder from Fairnatural is not only free from gluten, lactose and colourings, but is also of the highest organic quality.