What does sustainability mean for Fairnatural?

We draw our quality from sustainability. What does that mean for you? We'll show you.

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Sustainable raw materials

Chemicals are not an option for us.

When selecting our raw materials, we only use natural and exquisite ingredients. Our focus is on organic, unprocessed and plant-based components from regional suppliers.

Furthermore, all our products are produced locally & energy self-sufficiently in Germany.

Sustainable shipping

In addition to our natural products, we also focus on sustainable aspects when it comes to shipping. To minimise emissions, our products are shipped climate-neutrally with DHL-GoGreen.

Furthermore, recyclable shipping materials and recyclable packaging are used.

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Reforestation of the earth

In cooperation with Tree-Nation, we plant a tree with your support for every order.

With your conscious nutrition you contribute to a sustainable fair change for a better planet. You can see our joint contribution to the world's climate in our tree counter here.

Get to know our products

We want to drive sustainability in the food supplement market and question old standards anew.

Want to be part of the #fairchange? Then take a look at our sustainable and largely purely plant-based product range now.

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