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Vegan Protein Bars Organic

Mit der ballaststoffreichen Kraft aus gekeimten Samen

Vegan protein bars from Fairnatural

You have a long to-do list every day or are constantly on the go, but still want to eat a balanced diet and above all cover your protein needs? Then we have just the thing for you with our vegan protein bars! The vegan protein bars from Fairnatural are perfect for refilling your energy and protein stores on stressful days. Thanks to the short ingredient list, the vegan organic protein bar also supports your balanced diet in an optimal way.

Top ingredients: Vegan protein bars without sugar!

The vegan protein bar from Fairnatural can also impress with its naturalness. Our vegan protein bars are not only characterised by the delicious taste you are used to from conventional Whey protein bars, but also consist of 100% natural and purely plant-based ingredients. The product is therefore free from chemical additives, palm oil, soy, gluten and lactose. We also do not use any other additives typical for protein bars, such as sweeteners or polydextrose. By using germinated seeds from quinoa and flaxseed, the vegan protein bar also keeps you full longer than bars that do not contain this and are only sweetened with sugar. This is due to the fact that quinoa and flaxseed have a high fibre content. Another advantage: The vegan protein bar from Fairnatural is characterised by its high organic quality as well as value, because all ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation. Organic food is in great demand nowadays, which is why every type of food is now also available in an organically produced version with the corresponding seal. For this reason, there are also many protein bars on the market that carry an organic seal - including the vegan protein bar from Fairnatural. With the organic label, the vegan protein bar from Fairnatural is organic, regional, sustainable, free of pesticides and fertilisers and climate-friendly. Accordingly, a better effect on your general health can be assumed. Pesticide residues are eliminated and plants that grow under organic conditions often have better nutrient profiles. So you get a vegan protein bar that is not only incredibly tasty without too strong a vegetable note, but can also convince with its biological high quality. This vegan protein bar leaves nothing to be desired. 

What exactly are vegan protein bars?

Many protein bars on the market contain whey protein. This is obtained from whey and therefore has an animal origin. In order for a protein bar to be vegan, it must not contain exactly this whey, but must instead be free of any animal ingredients. However, animal ingredients do not only include the obvious products such as milk or cream. They also include collagen, which is often added to protein bars, or the sweetener honey. Furthermore, the colouring agent carmine, which is extracted from lice, is sometimes added to animal protein products, e.g. to achieve a reddish colouring of the product.

Low carb protein bars with optimal nutritional values

The vegan protein bar also convinces with its excellent nutritional values. With its high protein and low carbohydrate content, conventional vegan bars cannot compete. The vegan protein bar also provides you with a lot of fibre, which is an important component of a healthy, balanced diet. Due to the low amount of carbohydrates, the protein and the natural ingredients, the vegan protein bar is very suitable for athletes on a diet or generally for people with nutritional awareness. Especially proteins play an important role in the goal of body fat reduction. If your body is supplied with high-quality protein, you have a longer-lasting feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, adequate protein intake can help prevent cravings. This protein intake can be better achieved through protein supplementation in the form of bars and thus facilitate your diet.

Delicious Vegan Protein Snacks

The vegan protein bar by Fairnatural is ideal as a protein-rich snack for in between - both before or after your workout or any other sporting activity, as well as to tide you over when you're out and about. The high fibre content in the sprouted seeds keeps you full for a long time, so the vegan protein bar is also ideal for strengthening yourself while running or cycling. You can also top your breakfast bowl with our vegan protein bars. Simply prepare yoghurt with fruit in a bowl, cut the bar into small pieces and add it. You'll have the perfect protein-rich breakfast to get you through the day. Are you looking for other healthy vegan snacks besides protein bars? Then take a look at our vegan protein powder and our organic energy balls. With our protein powder, you can easily mix a delicious protein shake with a creamy consistency and easily cover your protein content. The organic energy balls give you the energy kick you need for a productive day and also contain our vegan organic protein blend of pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein.

Are vegan bars automatically healthier?

Many people assume that vegan protein bars are always healthier than protein bars with animal ingredients. However, vegan does not necessarily mean that the vegan bar contains fewer as well as higher quality ingredients. Because for almost all animal ingredients, there is now a plant-based alternative that can be used instead. So it is also possible to eat an unhealthy and one-sided diet in the vegan diet in general. Nevertheless, there are more and more vegan protein bars on the market that rely on natural ingredients. This means that vegan protein bars tend to contain fewer sweeteners, other additives or flavour enhancers than classic Whey bars.

Organic Protein Bar Vegan with high quality protein sources

The vegan protein bar gets its high protein content from high-quality organic protein sources. These protein sources provide you with the protein you need and keep you full for a long time. The vegan protein bar is therefore the perfect and tastiest snack for in between meals or after training. The vegan protein bar by Fairnatural contains a 3K protein from pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein in an optimal mixing ratio. So you don't just get any proteins, but the plant protein sources are cleverly combined here. Thanks to the combination of pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein, we can offer you vegan protein bars that contain a high protein content as well as all essential amino acids. This is very important because amino acids form the basis for many processes in the body, but your body cannot produce these amino acids itself. Why does the vegan protein bar not contain soy? Soy products such as tofu or tempeh are often already integrated into the vegan diet as protein-rich meat alternatives. To keep the diet versatile and balanced, our bars are soy-free. In addition, the soy used in protein products is often grown in large monocultures in South America. This contradicts our concept of sustainability and regional production and is another reason why the vegan protein bar does without soy.

The vegan protein bar with 100% flavour

Lots of protein and little sugar: can that taste good? Definitely with our vegan protein bars. A delicious taste as well as a good consistency is very important to us at Fairnatural. This was therefore at the top of the wish list for our product developers - in addition to the prerequisite of natural ingredients. In this way, we were able to provide you with an incomparably delicious vegan protein bar. The taste is convincing thanks to its soft consistency with a crunch from organic cocoa nibs and is available in the popular chocolate and vanilla varieties. The vegan protein bar by Fairnatural provides you with an optimal, protein-rich supply as soon as you need a snack and don't want to fall back on the unhealthy chocolate bar from the supermarket. See for yourself and try our vegan protein bar in vanilla or chocolate now!