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Organic Vegan Protein Powder from Fairnatural

Are you looking for a high-quality vegan protein powder? Our vegan protein powder has a convincing consistency as well as an exceptionally delicious taste. The vegan protein not only supports you optimally in your athletic performance or on a diet, but also helps you to implement a versatile, vegan diet. 

Who is vegan protein powder suitable for?

The vegan protein powder from Fairnatural is not only convincing for vegans, but is generally suitable for all people who would like to consume more protein. The vegan protein supports not only strength athletes in building muscle. In addition to athletes and vegans, all people who have an intolerance to dairy products or suffer from lactose intolerance can also use vegan protein powder. In addition, vegan protein powder is also suitable for people who are in the process of changing their diet to veganism and want to avoid a protein deficiency. However, it should be mentioned that this protein deficiency of vegans is actually a myth.

Myth of the protein deficiency of vegans

A good protein supply is very important for your body and for your health. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a protein amount of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults. Contrary to the myth, this amount of protein can be easily covered with a varied vegan diet. Products with a high protein content include tofu, tempeh, legumes and whole grains. In addition, nuts and seeds also have a high protein content and can be easily integrated into the daily diet. The advantage is that vegan protein sources do not contain cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To achieve maximum athletic performance, a higher protein content than recommended by the DGE is required. Here, it is a good idea to supplement your diet with vegan protein powder. Vegan protein powder not only supports muscle building, but also promotes the regeneration of the body between training sessions. 

What should you look for when buying vegan protein powder?

The protein content is the most important criterion when buying a vegan protein powder. You should also pay attention to the amino acids it contains, as it is important that your own amino acid profile is completely covered. Furthermore, the sugar content of a vegan protein powder is relevant for the purchase decision. Since you should ideally choose a vegan protein powder that is as natural and high-quality as possible, you should pay attention to how much sugar it contains. Sugar may not be added to vegan protein powder at all, as it is here, but it may also be of natural origin or industrially produced. Of course, you should also find a vegan protein powder that tastes good to you. Since this criterion is very individual, you just have to try it out. There is a wide variety of flavours - Fairnatural offers vegan vanilla protein powder, vegan protein powder chocolate and vegan protein powder neutral flavour, among others. Besides taste, solubility is also an important factor for your choice. The compatibility of different vegan protein powders is just as individual. There are vegan protein powders that your stomach tolerates better and other types that have a negative effect on your well-being due to the ingredients. Here, too, you have to try it out. Nevertheless, it can generally be said that vegan protein powder is better tolerated by most people than whey protein.

Lose weight with vegan protein powder

Protein plays an important role in the goal of body fat reduction. When your body is supplied with high-quality protein, you have a longer-lasting feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, an adequate protein intake can prevent cravings. This protein intake can be more easily achieved by supplementing with protein powder. Your diet can therefore be much easier with protein powder. Vegan protein powders offer the advantage that, unlike whey protein, they are perfectly suitable for most people. The vegan protein powder without sweeteners from Fairnatural is not only free from gluten, lactose and colourings, but is also of the highest organic quality.

Difference between vegan protein powder & whey protein

Vegan protein powder, unlike whey protein, does not contain whey protein, but instead plant-based protein sources. It is often assumed that these vegan protein sources do not contain all of the eight essential amino acids. This means that they are of lower quality than animal protein sources and have a lower biological value. The biological value refers to how many grams of body protein can be built up from 100 grams of dietary protein. This means that the higher the biological value of a food source, the more relevant it is as a protein source. The hen's egg with a biological value of 100 is often used as a reference value in this context. Foods that contain all eight amino acids in sufficient quantities have a high biological value. There are a total of eight essential amino acids that our body cannot produce itself, which is why we have to take them in through our food. With vegan protein powder, you should therefore make sure that it contains different protein sources. This completes the amino acid profile and provides a high biological value. Vegan protein powders with different protein sources are called multi-component protein powders. Here, several protein sources are combined with each other, for example in the form of a 3K protein powder, which combines three different vegan protein sources. Often - as with the vegan protein powder from Fairnatural - these are pea protein, hemp protein and rice protein. Furthermore, vegan protein powder is characterised by many micronutrients, vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12 or vitamin B2, minerals and trace elements. These components are very important for a balanced and healthy diet and are not present in this form in whey protein. Vegan protein powder from Fairnatural is therefore not only an excellent source of protein, but also a rich supplement to your healthy lifestyle. 

Vegan Protein Shake: Versatile & Delicious!

Our vegan protein powder has a creamy consistency, a delicious taste and optimal solubility. You can choose between four different flavours. The vegan protein by Fairnatural is available in vanilla, chocolate and a fruity mango flavour. You can also opt for the vegan protein powder Neutral, which is also versatile in savoury cuisine. But the sweet flavours of the vegan protein powder are also versatile, for example in the form of a delicious and creamy vegan protein shake. In addition to preparation as a protein shake after training, the vegan protein powder by Fairnatural can also be prepared in a porridge or curd cheese. All varieties of the vegan protein are also ideal for baking and should therefore not be missing in any kitchen. You can find more recipe inspiration in our recipe magazine. If you bake or cook a recipe, post a picture of your creation on Instagram and link us to We are looking forward to your contributions!