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Organic Vegan Protein Powder Coconut Without Soy

"Der cleanste vegane Proteinshake für Muskelaufbau & Diät auf dem Markt."

 Regionale & nachhaltige Produktion bei Heidelberg und kompostierbare Verpackung

Ein Beutel enthält 600g exotisches Protein mit echtem Kokos-Pulver ganz ohne Chemie

 Ohne gesundheitsbedenkliche Süßstoffe sondern mit natürlichem Bio Dattelpulver

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    Vegan protein powder doesn't taste good? 

    Nicht in unserem veganen Bio Protein Shake!

    Unser veganes Proteinpulver besticht sowohl in seiner Konsistenz als auch durch seinen außergewöhnlich leckeren Geschmack.

    Dabei unterstützt es dich nicht nur optimal bei einer Low Carb Diät sondern hilft dir auch bei deiner veganen Ernährung - ganz ohne chemische Zusatzstoffe.

    •  5K: Bio Erbsen-, Reis-, Hanf-, Kürbiskern- & Kichererbsenprotein
    •  High protein content & balanced amino acid profile
    •  Incredibly delicious & creamy organic protein shake 
    •  Gesund und zu 100% natürlich gesüßt ganz ohne Süßstoffe
    •  Without questionable soy additives or chemicals

    Nutrition is changing. You?

    Nutrition changes, and so do you. Join us in making a fair change in the food supplement industry. #Fairchange

    We, a motivated team from Heidelberg with a common vision: Transparent & honest organic protein powders for everyone. What does that mean for you?

    •  Energy self-sufficient production with us in Heidelberg
    •  With every order we plant a tree
    •  Vegan protein shake without sandy taste
    •  Perfect also as a natural baking protein or for cooking
    •  Shipped to you sustainably in a recyclable bag

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

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    Organic Vegan Protein Powder Coconut without Soy from Fairnatural

    If you are looking for a good vegan protein powder, our vegan protein powder coconut without soy can definitely convince you with its delicious taste and its creamy consistency. Fairnatural's vegan protein blend is not only ideal for (strength) sports and the accompanying healthy diet, but also supports you in maintaining a varied, vegan diet.

    Difference between vegan protein powder & whey protein

    Unlike whey protein, vegan protein powder is a purely plant-based protein source without whey protein. It is often claimed that such vegan protein sources do not contain all eight essential amino acids. Thus, they are qualitatively inferior to animal protein sources in their composition and have a lower biological value. However, this does not apply to a high-quality vegan protein powder. The term biological value generally describes how many grams of body protein can be built up based on 100 grams of dietary protein. This means that the higher the biological value of a food source, the more suitable it is. As a reference value for other protein sources, the chicken egg with a biological value of 100 is used here. Foods that contain all eight amino acids in sufficient quantities have a high biological value. These eight essential amino acids cannot be produced by our body and therefore we have to take them in through food. With vegan protein powder, you should therefore make sure that different protein sources are included. This provides a good amino acid profile and the vegan protein has a high biological value. Vegan protein powders that contain different protein sources are called multi-ingredient protein powders. The incorporation of multiple protein sources then results in, for example, a 3K protein powder that combines three different vegan protein sources. Fairnatural's vegan 3K protein powder coconut contains pea protein, hemp protein and rice protein. In addition, our vegan protein powder has many micronutrients, vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12 or vitamin B2, minerals and trace elements. These ingredients in the protein are essential for a healthy, balanced diet and are not contained in this form in a Whey protein. For this reason, Fairnatural's vegan protein powder coconut without soy is not only a high-quality source of protein, but also a great supplement for your overall health.

    Lose weight with Fairnatural's vegan protein powder in coconut

    Protein intake is important for successful fat loss. Because if you supply your body with high-quality proteins, you will have a longer feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, consuming enough protein can prevent hunger pangs. By supplementing with protein powder, you can meet your daily protein requirement with less effort. Thus, your diet is easier to implement with the help of protein powders and goals can be better achieved. Vegan protein powders also offer the advantage that, compared to whey proteins (Whey), they are suitable for a wider range of people, including those with lactose intolerance, for example. Fairnatural's vegan protein powder coconut without soy is also free of gluten as well as dyes and is in the highest organic quality.

    Myth of the protein deficiency of vegans

    The consumption of protein in sufficient quantities is essential for your body and for your health. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), a protein intake of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight is recommended for adults. Contrary to the widespread assumption of protein deficiency in vegans, the required amount of protein can be covered by a balanced vegan diet without any problems. To products, which are protein-rich, belong e.g. Tofu, Tempeh, leguminous plants and whole grain products. In addition, nuts and seeds also contain a lot of protein and can be easily integrated into your daily diet. In addition, it is advantageous that vegan protein sources do not contain cholesterol. This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, for maximum athletic performance, a higher protein intake is required than the amount recommended by the DGE. This is where supplementing your diet with Fairnatural's vegan protein powder coconut is especially helpful. Because vegan protein powder not only supports your muscle building, but also promotes the regeneration of your body between training sessions.

    Who is vegan protein powder suitable for?

    The soy-free vegan protein powder coconut from Fairnatural can convince not only vegans, but is suitable for all who want to integrate more protein in their diet. However, the vegan coconut protein not only helps athletes*innen in building muscles, but the vegan protein powder in coconut is also recommended for anyone with a lactose intolerance. In addition, the protein powder is also ideal for those who are just switching to veganism and are looking for an alternative to adequately meet their protein needs.

    Vegan protein powder without sweetener: 100% organic 

    The vegan organic protein powder coconut without soy from Fairnatural contains 3K proteins, pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein. The ideal mixing ratio of these three components results in a high protein content and a balanced amino acid profile. In addition, our sugar-free vegan coconut protein powder contains no sweeteners, soy or other chemical additives. All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and have a very high quality and biological value. Why is our vegan coconut protein powder without soy? Our vegan protein powder coconut is soy-free, because other soy products such as tofu or tempeh are often integrated into the vegan diet as a protein-rich alternative for meat. This way, the important aspect of balance within your diet can be more easily maintained. Due to the low carbohydrate content as well as the natural ingredients, the vegan coconut protein powder is also ideal for athletes on a diet as well as for people with nutritional sensitivities.

    What should you look for when buying vegan protein powder? 

    The most important criterion when buying is the protein content. In addition, you should also pay attention to the amino acids contained therein, as the amino acid profile in the protein powder should be completely covered. In addition, the sugar content of the product also plays a role in the purchase decision of vegan protein powders, as you should best choose a natural vegan protein powder. Because while our protein powder coconut without soy has no added sugar, protein powder can also contain sugar, which is either natural or industrially derived. Of course, the taste of the vegan protein powder is also important. Since this criterion is very individual, you just have to try different varieties. At Fairnatural, a variety of flavors are now available - in addition to coconut Vegan Protein Powder, we offer vegan protein powder with chocolate, mango, strawberry and banana flavors, as well as vegan protein powder with neutral flavor. In addition, the solubility is also an important factor in your protein powder selection. Equally individual is the compatibility of different vegan protein powders, so it is also called here: Try it out. However, we can say from experience that vegan coconut protein powder is better tolerated by most people than the same alternative in Whey protein.

    Vegan Protein Shake Coconut: Versatile & Delicious!

    Fairnatural's vegan protein powder coconut without soy convinces with its creamy consistency, delicious taste and good solubility. You can choose different flavors for your individual enjoyment, because the vegan protein of Fairnatural is not only available in the variety coconut, but also in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana and fruity mango. In addition, there is also a neutral vegan protein powder, which is ideal for savory dishes. But also the vegan protein powder in coconut is versatile, for example as a creamy vegan protein shake. Besides this preparation as a post-workout coconut protein shake, you can also enjoy Fairnatural's vegan coconut protein powder in porridge or curd. All vegan proteins are also great for baking and should be in every kitchen for this reason. For more recipe inspiration using our protein, check out our recipe magazine. If you prepare a recipe, feel free to post a photo of it on Instagram and link us @fairnatural.de. We look forward to your contributions!