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Magnesium capsules

"Vegan magnesium in its most natural form."

 Regionale & nachhaltige Produktion bei Heidelberg in Deutschland

90 vegane Kapseln (99g) ohne Chemiekeule und 100% Vegan

Aus natürlicher Sango Koralle mit höherer Bioverfügbarkeit als synthetisches Magnesium

Wirkung: Magnesium trägt zur Verringerung von Ermüdung, einer normalen Muskelfunktion, einer normalen Eiweißsynthese und einer normalen Funktion des Nervensystems bei

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    Probably the cleanest minerals are here!

    Magnesium from pure vegetable Sango sea coral

    Our high-dose Pure Calming Capsules support your body in a natural way with the magnesium contained in Sango Sea Coral.

    The dosage is very simple: Simply take one capsule per day with sufficient water to supplement your magnesium needs in a natural way to your conscious diet.

    •  Made from natural & vegan Sango sea coral
    •  High quality supplement for your magnesium needs
    •  High dose premium quality from Germany
    •  Also the capsule shell is 100% vegan (HPMC) 
    •  Without artificial additives or chemicals and 100% vegan

    Nutrition is changing. You?

    Nutrition is changing, and so are you. Join us in making a fair change in the nutritional supplement industry. #Fairchange

    We, a motivated team from Heidelberg with a common vision: Transparent & honest organic nutritional supplements for everyone. What does that mean for you?

    •  Energy self-sufficient production with us in Heidelberg
    •  With every order we plant a tree
    •  Natural magnesium from Sango sea coral
    •  Three months supply as a daily supplement
    •  Shipped to you sustainably with DHL GoGreen

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    Natural magnesium from Fairnatural

    Magnesium is a vital nutrient that cannot be produced by the body itself, but must be supplied through food. There are many foods containing magnesium, with which the daily requirement of magnesium can be well covered. Nevertheless, some people have an increased magnesium requirement due to their circumstances or lifestyle. These include pregnant and nursing women as well as athletes and people who are frequently exposed to stress. In these cases, it is recommended to supplement organic magnesium, such as in the form of our organic magnesium capsules.

    What does the body need magnesium for?

    Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body, is necessary for organs, tissues and cells in the human body and is involved in very many essential functions. In the body of an adult human being there are about 25g of magnesium. Of this, about 60% is contained in the bones, while the rest of the magnesium is in the muscles, body tissues and blood. On the one hand, Bio Magnesium favors our metabolic processes, because the mineral activates about 300 enzymes in the metabolism. This allows our body to better and more efficiently utilize the important nutrients contained in food. This has positive effects on our concentration, mood and general well-being. Bio Magnesium is also an essential nutrient for a healthy pregnancy, as it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, normalizes blood pressure and increases pain tolerance during childbirth.
    Magnesium has an important function for the health of our bones, especially for our bone density and the strength of our bones. Subsequently, Bio Magnesium also improves our collagen production. Collagen is found in our tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, intervertebral discs and skin, providing many benefits to our health. The natural protein collagen helps improve skin and hair and reduce joint pain. It also promotes our intestinal health, improves metabolism and helps muscle growth.
    In addition, magnesium is essential for our heart health because magnesium, in combination with calcium, lowers blood pressure, preventing hypertension. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for an impending heart attack. Magnesium is therefore also involved in blood circulation. Through this, the mineral can help against migraine headaches by preventing the constriction of blood vessels. Bio Magnesium also improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as sodium, calcium, calium and phosphorus in our body. In addition, magnesium activates vitamin D stored in our body.

    Magnesium deficiency symptoms

    If too little magnesium is supplied to the body, all reserves are released from the body cells as well as the bones. This is an attempt to maintain the magnesium level in the blood. The magnesium level in the blood therefore only drops in the event of a serious deficiency, and for this reason a deficit of Bio Magnesium is usually not immediately detectable by a blood measurement.
    If Bio Magnesium is lacking in the body, this becomes noticeable through various symptoms. If you think you are suffering from a magnesium deficiency, you should pay attention to the following symptoms: (1) fatigue, lack of energy, increased need for sleep; (2) gastrointestinal complaints such as loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea (3) high blood pressure; (4) headaches and tension in the neck and shoulder area, back pain; (5) tingling or numbness in arms and legs; (6) cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations; (7) inner restlessness or lack of concentration; (8) muscle cramps; and (9) very cold hands and feet.

    Daily requirement of organic magnesium

    According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), the estimated value for an adequate magnesium intake for women over 25 years is 300 mg per day and for men 350 mg per day. If a person sweats heavily due to competitive sports or heat work, as well as during stress, the requirement may be higher. In these cases it is advisable to supplement Bio Magnesium in high doses in the form of our Magnesium Bio Vegan capsules. On average, the magnesium intake in our society is in the range of the recommended magnesium requirement for almost all age groups, except for young women aged 14-18 years. However, this does not directly mean that there is a deficiency, since magnesium is also stored in the body.
    Do the symptoms just listed seem familiar to you? Then you should definitely visit your family doctor. He can determine by a blood test whether you suffer from zinc deficiency and then treat this accordingly through diet or dietary supplements.  

    Buy Magnesium from Fairnatural Organic Dietary Supplements

    Magnesium has a vital function for our body, but cannot be produced by the body itself. For this reason, we must take Bio Magnesium through food and additionally through supplements. While most people can cover their magnesium needs through their diet, especially athletically active people should additionally supplement Bio Magnesium, in order to cover their needs sufficiently this way. So be sure to use Fairnatural's natural organic magnesium in organic quality to ensure that you promote your regeneration, performance and vitality and in this way build long-term and effective muscles!

    Cover magnesium through food

    How much of the magnesium supplied via the diet can ultimately be absorbed by the body depends on the body's magnesium supply status and the quantity offered. In addition, factors such as the solubility of the magnesium salt and the composition of the diet are also relevant for the amount of magnesium that is ultimately absorbed. In most cases, only about 30-50% of the magnesium in the diet is absorbed by the body. However, since magnesium is contained in many foods, a healthy person with a balanced diet can easily cover his daily requirement. It is always better to take organic magnesium first from natural foods and only resort to preparations, such as our Vegan Magnesium Capsules, when the magnesium intake can no longer be covered by food.
    Organic magnesium is mainly found in plant-based foods. Foods rich in magnesium include nuts such as almonds, peanuts and cashews, fruits and vegetables such as avocados, bananas, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, artichokes, sweet potatoes, beans and peas, whole grain products from wheat, spelt, barley, rye, oats or buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and raw cacao. So there are many foods containing magnesium, which can be well integrated into the diet to meet the daily needs. Organic magnesium is only contained in small quantities in animal foods.

    Why should athletes take high-dose magnesium?

    Magnesium is a must-have supplement for athletes, as we excrete important electrolytes as well as bio magnesium through the skin due to increased sweating while jogging, in the gym or even at high temperatures in summer. A sweat loss of 2 liters corresponds approximately to a lost magnesium amount of 10 mg. In addition, sports and physically demanding activities trigger stress. Bio Magnesium supports the containment of the excitation transmission of the nerves that are responsible for stress. The activation of enzymes achieved with magnesium also increases energy production in the body. This in turn has a positive effect on muscle development, muscle relaxation, increased performance and regeneration. In addition, magnesium is important for the health and stability of our joints and bones. For these reasons, especially athletes benefit from the supplementation of organic magnesium to ensure that they take enough magnesium.