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Calcium capsules

"Vegan calcium in its most natural form."

 Regionale & nachhaltige Produktion bei Heidelberg in Deutschland

90 vegane Tabletten (99g) ohne Chemiekeule und 100% Vegan

 Aus natürlicher Sango Koralle mit höherer Bioverfügbarkeit als synthetisches Calcium

Wirkung: Calcium wird für den Erhalt normaler Knochen und Zähne benötigt. Calcium trägt zu einer normalen Signalübertragung zwischen den Nervenzellen bei

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    Probably the cleanest minerals are here!

    Calcium from pure vegetable Sango sea coral

    Our high-dose Pure Bone Aid Capsules support your body in a natural way through the contained calcium from the Sango Sea Coral.

    The dosage is very simple: Simply take one capsule per day with sufficient water to supplement your calcium needs in a natural way to your conscious diet.

    •  Made from natural & vegan Sango sea coral
    •  High quality supplement for your calcium needs
    •  High dose premium quality from Germany
    •  Also the capsule shell is 100% vegan (HPMC) 
    •  Without artificial additives or chemicals and 100% vegan

    Nutrition is changing. You?

    Nutrition is changing, and so are you. Join us in making a fair change in the nutritional supplement industry. #Fairchange

    We, a motivated team from Heidelberg with a common vision: Transparent & honest organic nutritional supplements for everyone. What does that mean for you?

    •  Energy self-sufficient production with us in Heidelberg
    •  With every order we plant a tree
    •  Natural calcium from Sango sea coral
    •  Three months supply as a daily supplement
    •  Shipped to you sustainably with DHL GoGreen

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    Natural Calcium Capsules from Fairnatural

    Calcium is one of the best known minerals and is the most abundant in the human body. Calcium is essential for health and maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Thus, it is mainly stored in the bones and teeth of the human body, but small amounts of calcium are also present in the blood and in our cells. Since our body cannot produce calcium by itself, it is important to consume it sufficiently through food and to pay attention to a calcium-rich diet. Calcium is also one of the most commonly taken supplements, because depending on your diet, you may also want to buy pure calcium in the form of organic calcium capsules to adequately meet your needs. We at Fairnatural offer high quality nutritional supplements, including high-dose calcium in the best bioavailability. Convince yourself of our calcium capsules!

    What does the body need calcium for?

    Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body in terms of quantity. Every person has an average of 1 to 1.1 kg of calcium in their body, depending on their height, weight and age. Calcium can be absorbed by the body through food or supplemented in the form of organic calcium capsules. The bone system is the largest store of calcium in the body. About 90% of the calcium in the body is found in the bones and 9% of the calcium store is found in the teeth. For this reason, the main role of calcium is to build and maintain and strength of bones (bone density) and teeth.Magnesium has an important function for the health of our bones, especially for our bone density and the strength of our bones. Subsequently, Bio Magnesium also improves our collagen production. Collagen is found in our tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, intervertebral discs and skin, providing many benefits to our health. The natural protein collagen helps improve skin and hair and reduce joint pain. It also promotes our intestinal health, improves metabolism and helps muscle growth.
    In addition, magnesium is essential for our heart health because magnesium, in combination with calcium, lowers blood pressure, preventing hypertension. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for an impending heart attack. Magnesium is therefore also involved in blood circulation. Through this, the mineral can help against migraine headaches by preventing the constriction of blood vessels. Bio Magnesium also improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as sodium, calcium, calium and phosphorus in our body. In addition, magnesium activates vitamin D stored in our body.
    The remaining calcium circulates in the blood as well as in the cells. Calcium is thus involved in many bodily functions. For example, calcium plays an important role in the excitability of cells, the transmission of nerve stimuli and the functioning of our brain. The mineral is also important for blood clotting, the defense against inflammation and allergies, and for the function of the lungs and kidneys. Calcium is also very important for muscle contraction, stimulus transmission in muscles and also plays an essential role in stimulating muscle growth. Since the heart is also a muscle, calcium therefore helps to keep it beating. Since calcium is involved in such important functions of the body, it is essential to supplement enough calcium as calcium capsules or to take the mineral with food.

    Causes calcium deficiency

    Calcium deficiency can have many causes. Calcium is one of the nutrients whose requirements are often not covered by food. If a calcium deficiency is present, however, this deficiency should be counteracted immediately. In the first place, eat more calcium-containing foods or, in the case of a severe deficiency, buy calcium in high doses to quickly compensate for the deficiency with organic calcium capsules. For this, try Fairnatural's calcium supplements in the form of calcium capsules to avoid long-term consequences.
    The causes of calcium deficiency can be hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, increased calcium excretion or vitamin D deficiency. Especially women should pay attention to a sufficient calcium intake in and after menopause and best supplement additional organic calcium capsules, because from this age on certain hormones, which control the absorption of calcium into the bone structure, are present in lower concentrations. The above-mentioned vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common causes of calcium deficiency, because vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium. Calcium is absorbed in the body primarily in the intestine, and vitamin D is responsible here for absorption from the small intestine and for calcium incorporation into the bones. Vitamin D therefore also bears the designation as an "incorporation helper" for calcium into the bones and teeth.

    Other causes of calcium deficiency can be kidney disease, thyroid disease, competitive sports with high sweat losses, and disorders of calcium utilization and absorption. If a deficiency is detected, it is important to increase the calcium content of the diet in the future and to take calcium supplements in the form of calcium capsules.

    Symptoms of calcium deficiency

    Calcium is involved in many different bodily functions, which is why the symptoms of a calcium deficiency can also be manifold. In addition, the absorption of calcium is already reduced at the age of 25, which is why it is important to consume many calcium-rich foods and the dietary supplement calcium as organic calcium capsules at a young age. A proven calcium deficiency only exists in our body when the concentration of calcium in the blood is below 2.3 mmol/l. As soon as there is not enough calcium available within the bloodstream, the body falls back on the calcium reserves in the bones. For this reason, a deficiency must already have been present for a long period of time before it becomes noticeable when the blood is drawn.

    A long-term calcium deficiency can lead to decalcification of bones and teeth in particular as a result of calcium deprivation. Among other things, this results in an increased risk of bone fractures and bone deformities. Osteoporosis (bone loss) is also a possible consequence of this deficiency. This should be counteracted as soon as possible by supplementing calcium capsules. In addition, symptoms such as muscle cramps, muscle tremors, heart and circulation problems, brittle fingernails, skin and hair changes, tooth decay and digestive disorders may indicate a calcium deficiency. These deficiency symptoms can be counteracted by a calcium-rich diet and by calcium dietary supplementation with calcium capsules. Fairnatural offers bioavailable calcium as organic calcium capsules, which help you to quickly combat the symptoms of your deficiency symptoms.

    Calcium requirement

    Der Mensch verliert täglich ungefähr 300 mg Calcium über Schweiß, Urin und Stuhl. Nach der deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE) benötigt der durchschnittliche Erwachsene (25 bis < 51 Jahre) 900-1.000 mg Calcium pro Tag. Dennoch kann der Bedarf bei bestimmten Altersgruppen, Lebensumständen, dem aktuellen Hormonhaushalt oder einem bestimmten Lifestyle auch höher ausfallen. Hier kann eine Supplementierung von Bio Calcium Kapseln sinnvoll sein. Besonders Kinder und Jugendliche haben einen hohen Bedarf an Calcium, da diese sich noch im Wachstum befinden und hier die Knochenmasse noch zunimmt. So liegt die höhere empfohlene Zufuhr bei Jugendlichen (13 bis < 19 Jahre) bei täglich 1.200 mg sowie bei Kindern (10 bis < 13 Jahre) bei 1.100 mg Calcium täglich.

    Doch viele Menschen wissen garnicht, welche und wie viele calciumhaltige Lebensmittel sie verzehren müssen, um ihren Bedarf zu decken. Aus diesem Grund schafft es nur rund jeder Zweite, seinen Tagesbedarf an Calcium über die Nahrung zu decken. Zwar gibt es viele Lebensmittel, welche Calcium enthalten, dennoch bietet es sich in diesen Fällen an zusätzlich auf Calcium in bester Bioverfügbarkeit als Supplement zurückzugreifen, wie z.B. auf Fairnatural's Bio Calcium Kapseln.

    What foods contain calcium in high doses?

    How much of the calcium that is supplied in the diet can ultimately be absorbed by the body depends on factors such as digestive performance. In addition, certain substances in the diet can inhibit absorption. Depending on the diet, the additional intake of calcium supplements, such as calcium capsules, is therefore recommended. Milk and dairy products in particular are very good and rich sources of calcium. Just 200 ml of cow's milk provides around 240 mg of calcium. Cheese, especially hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Parmesan and Emmental, is also particularly rich in calcium. But various plant foods also contain calcium. Here, especially green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and kale, but also herbs such as parsley as well as nuts such as hazelnuts, seeds and whole grain products have a high calcium content. In addition, mineral water is a very good source of calcium.

    To facilitate the utilization of calcium in the body, calcium intake and supplementation of calcium capsules should be spread throughout the day. However, since dairy products are still the foods richest in calcium, people who do not consume dairy products are most likely to be deficient in calcium. Thus, it is particularly suitable for a vegan diet to supplement calcium capsules. Calcium capsules are preferable to loose calcium powder, because the concentrated amount can be better absorbed by the body. Fairnatural offers high-quality calcium capsules, which help you to easily cover your needs.

    Best Calcium Supplement! Buy Calcium from Fairnatural Organic Dietary Supplements

    Our calcium capsules in organic quality are suitable for all people who want to keep their calcium intake in the optimal range. Especially vegans take less calcium in their diet due to the renunciation of milk and dairy products and should therefore resort to calcium capsules. But also for athletically active people, the supplementation of calcium capsules is particularly important. Through sporting activity, both the bones and the muscles are heavily loaded. Calcium plays an important role in building and maintaining our bones as well as in stimulating muscle growth. See for yourself and try our high quality calcium capsules to take your health to the next level!