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Organic Oat Milk Powder

"Probably the most sustainable oat milk in Germany."

 Regionale & nachhaltige Produktion bei Heidelberg und kompostierbare Verpackung

Ein Beutel beinhaltet 600g Bio Trinkhafer Pulver für 6L ungesüßten Haferdrink

Deutscher veganer Premium Urhafer aus regionalem Anbau unserer Landwirte

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    Fed up with unsustainable oat milk? 

    Mix your own 100% fresh and delicious organic oat drink from regional ingredients!

    Our Organic Oat Drink Powder is probably the most sustainable alternative to regular oat milk in Germany. Simply mix your own organic oat drink from regionally grown oats with our powder and water and save yourself the hassle of lugging unsustainable cartons from the supermarket.

    Furthermore, with our oat drink powder we minimize unnecessary or long transport routes, as well as unsustainable transport volume (85% water in finished oat drinks) - without compromising on taste and creaminess.

    •  Made from regionally grown premium organic primeval oats
    •  Super easy and uncomplicated to dissolve in water
    •  Incredibly delicious & creamy taste 
    •  Without questionable and unnecessary additives or chemistry
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    Nutrition is changing. You?

    Nutrition changes, and so do you. Fairchange the food supplement industry together with us. #Fairchange

    We, a motivated team from Heidelberg with a common vision: Transparent & honest organic food for everyone. What does that mean for you?

    •  Energy self-sufficient production with us in Heidelberg
    •  With every order we plant a tree
    •  Natural organic ingredients regional from Germany
    •  No long transport routes and less packaging volume
    •  Shipped to you sustainably in a recyclable bag

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

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    Oat Drink Powder from Fairnatural

    Tired of lugging milk cartons from the supermarket and oat milk that is not really sustainable? Then we at Fairnatural have just the thing for you, because our organic oat drink powder is the most sustainable and simplest alternative to conventional oat milk that is currently available in Germany. Lugging around milk cartons is a thing of the past, because from now on your oat drink is freshly mixed within a few seconds with our oat drink powder and water!

    Is oat milk vegan?

    Oat milk contains no milk protein, no lactose and no soy components. For all those who suffer from an intolerance or even allergy to one of these substances, the oat drink is therefore a good and healthy milk substitute. Oat drink is therefore also very suitable for people with a vegan diet and is a good alternative to conventional cow's milk. Although oat milk contains protein, it is not a significant source of protein for our bodies, which is why you should get your protein, such as tofu or pulses, from other foods. In addition, the oat drink contains gluten and is therefore not gluten-free. For this reason, our oat drink powder is also not suitable for coeliac patients or people who want or have to follow a gluten-free diet. In addition, oat milk only contains a small amount of calcium. For this reason, vegans should make sure that they get their calcium from other sources, such as various green vegetables, for a balanced vegan diet. Nevertheless, the milk mixed with the oat milk powder is a good plant milk alternative for vegans. This is because they mostly consume soybeans already in various meat alternatives such as tofu and should therefore not additionally resort to soy milk for a balanced vegan diet. 

    Sustainability of our oat drink powder

    Oat milk already has a much better environmental balance than cow's milk, for example, and the oat milk powder surpasses this again. Our oat milk powder is a far more sustainable alternative to the oat milk you can buy in the supermarket. One bag of our oat milk powder is enough for 6 litres of oat milk and replaces many environmentally sustainable individual cartons with high transport volumes (85% water for finished oat drinks). Not only does this save you lugging around, but our oat drink powder also minimises long transport routes and avoids unnecessary packaging waste. Because the oat drink powder bag from Fairnatural is recyclable and can therefore be used sustainably. In addition, our oat drink powder is free from any animal suffering, because the oat milk powder is - just like all our other products - vegan and animal-free. This is an important aspect of our sustainable mission to create better products for you and for the planet. This includes never testing our products on animals or harming them in any way. Not a big milk drinker? No problem with our oat drink powder! Since you can always mix exactly as much oat milk as you really need with our oat drink powder, you save yourself any kind of food waste and don't have to worry about the approaching expiry date. 

    What is oat milk?

    Oat milk is actually only made from oat flakes and water. For this, the oat flakes are soaked in water and then pureed. The resulting oatmeal is then filtered after a short fermentation phase and the resulting liquid is oat milk. In the industrial processing of oat drinks, which are available on the market, additives such as calcium or stabilisers are also added, and the product is also made durable for a long time by ultra-high temperature heating.

    What are other benefits of oat milk?

    Oat milk can have a positive effect on your skin because the oat flakes in the oat drink powder contain zinc. This antioxidant has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects skin cells from free radicals and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. For this reason, oatmeal is also found in some skin care products. In addition, cow's milk, as an alternative to our oat drink powder, is said to have the exact opposite effect: it is pro-inflammatory, which is why its consumption should be avoided by people with skin problems. Furthermore, oat milk is not only said to have cleaner skin, but mixed with water, our oat drink powder can also ensure strong nails and shiny hair. The nutrients biotin and zinc are very important for healthy growth and for strengthening our nails and hair. The oat drink powder, as it is without additives, is usually well tolerated by babies and toddlers and can help them regulate their digestion. 

    How does the blended oat milk taste?

    Since our oat drink powder consists of 100% oat flour, the resulting oat milk naturally tastes of oats. However, the taste is only very subtle, because it is less sweet than, for example, almond, rice or coconut milk. For this reason, the oat drink powder is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, and there is actually nothing you cannot prepare with the homemade oat milk. Mixed with water, the oat drink powder tastes great as a milk alternative, both in coffee, muesli or smoothies, as well as in pure form! You can easily prepare a delicious and vegan oat milk with 10g of powder to 100ml of water within a few seconds. You wonder to what extent the water quality plays a role in the taste of your oat milk? It's fair to say that the better the water tastes, the better the milk you make with the oat milk powder will taste. But even if you live in a region where tap water doesn't taste so good, you should keep in mind that tap water is one of the most strictly regulated foods in Germany. In addition, tap water is much more sustainable than bottled water. 

    Why is oat milk healthy?

    Oat flakes are a really healthy food and a real power cereal. They contain many essential amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. If you want to make the most of these health benefits of oatmeal, however, you should eat it primarily unprocessed, as many of these nutrients can be lost through industrial processing. For this reason, conventional oat milk no longer has a particularly high nutrient content after processing. This is different with our oat drink powder. Here, due to the in-house preparation, many of the nutrients are still preserved and can be absorbed by the body. The oats in the oat drink powder also contain beta-glucans. This is a special type of sugar that can help regulate digestion and lower the cholesterol level in the blood. This lowering of the cholesterol level can prevent cardiovascular diseases, while our cholesterol level is driven up by the rather fatty cow's milk, cream and co. In addition, the milk mixed from the oat drink powder contains so-called saponins, which can even inhibit the absorption of fat from food. Oatmeal also contains a lot of dietary fibre, which keeps us full for a long time and also stimulates digestion. Our intestinal bacteria are thus strengthened and ensure a balanced intestinal flora. All these properties are therefore present in oat milk - albeit to a slightly lesser extent. However, when buying oat milk you should make sure that you choose a product without added sugar, as is the case with our oat milk powder from Fairnatural. This is not only generally healthier, but also lower in calories. If you combine the milk you mix yourself from our oat drink powder with a muesli without sugar, it is of course even better for your health.

    Mix your own oat drink!

    Why should you buy our oat drink powder for your homemade oat drink? Buying Fairnatural's oat drink powder is a clear win-win situation! Because with our oat drink powder you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for our planet. You get an oat drink powder to mix yourself, which consists of 100% hydrolysed oat flour from controlled organic cultivation. The organic oats are also grown regionally near Heidelberg. Our oat drink powder contains no questionable and unnecessary additives or other chemicals, without compromising on consistency and taste. We rely on the natural power of the plant, because less is more. Through the fresh preparation directly at your home, you also save unnecessary packaging waste, transport emissions and a possible waste of food with our oat drink powder. Convince yourself and collect many sustainable karma points for you and your environment by buying Fairnatural's oat drink powder! Because the path to a more sustainable future is also in your hands and starts every morning when you - instead of grabbing the packaged milk from the fridge - prepare your oat drink fresh!